DeFi with the odds $StackT in your favor.

When you hold $STACKT, you receive a share of the ETH fees received by the protocol.
Our expert farmers re-invest the ETH across multiple chains using proven farming strategies and returning all profits back to YOU.

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Stack Treasury is a revolutionary project that provides holders the ability to invest in multiple chains and earn profits from our farming strategies. Our team has a combined 50 years of technology, investment and marketing experience that puts your holding in the best position to be optimized for maximum profitability in the defi space.

Holders will not only enjoy reflections from our farming strategy, but you will automatically earn ETH reflections from a dedicated tax that will be available to claim via our dashboard.




You will receive ETH reflections on every transaction. We do this along with buybacks for maximum dividends.

Total Supply: 1 Billion $STACKT Tokens

Minimum $STACKT Needed for Dividends: 10,000 tokens

Max Wallet: 2%

Taxes: 12%


5% of each buy and sell is converted to ETH for reflections.

Dividends don't take into account the price of ETH or $STACKT. It's based on how much $STACKT you're holding in your wallet relative to the total supply.

You can choose to receive your dividends either in ETH or $STACKT, and that can be done from the dashboard once you connect your wallet.

Welcome to the next step in DeFi.

Welcome to $STACKT.

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